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 Welcome to Cliffhanger Studios 


Cliffhanger Studios is a multi-faceted audio-video production studio located in Northeast, Ohio. We work with small businesses, bands, restaurants, power-sports dealers, salons and more to design,  develop, and deliver outstanding products for advertising and social media.


With twenty-plus years experience writing copy, doing voiceovers, and audio-video production we know what it takes to record, produce, and deliver excellence. Having worked in radio as an on-air talent for many years creating a concept, crafting a vision and bringing it to life is a true passion. 


Marketing continuously changes and evolves. Posting a mere photo with some text simply isn't enough to get recognized or garner attention. Video is king no matter what platform. You're busy running your business. That's your job and what you do. We craft, create and bring your story to life. Getting to know our clients and developing long-term relationships are keys to mutual success.


Put our years of expertise and experience to work for you. Focus on your business, let us focus on your content.


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Home Studio Consultants


With a lifetime of experience in audio, speaker manufacturing, sound design, studio recording, live sound and music retail management, being a musician, we share a common passion and goal to create our gift of music for the world to hear. Being passionate and spending money on gear however, isn't enough.


Understanding audio, acoustics, designing a proper space, and selecting the right equipment are just a few fundamentals needed. It takes more than watching a video it takes real training and knowledge to learn your craft and be good at it.


Cliffhanger Studios helps clients build better home studios from the ground up getting real results you can hear. We provide one-on-one training such as designing your space, proper studio layout within the space you have to work with, sound and reflections, acoustic treatment, purchasing the proper equipment. How to set up your equipment. Signal routing, software including DAW's and plugins. How to use DAW's like Pro Tools, Logic Pro and LUNA from UAD. Understanding the basics of audio. Is it an AC signal or DC signal? What is clipping why is it good and bad? These are just some of the items we cover. We build our sessions around you and your individual needs.


Investing in your knowledge is the single most powerful tool you can give yourself creating a platform of quality and consistency. We offer online video sessions as well as in person sessions at your home studio. In person sessions are limited to Northeast, Ohio unless otherwise agreed upon. The best way to get better at your craft is practice and training.


Your Music Deserves Better. Let it be heard the way you intended it to be heard.


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